Things we love.

So, we wanted to have some news and updates in between shows and a blog seemed like our best bet. I'm not much of a "blogger" so bear with me. Mostly, I  just found out about some killer music this week and wanted to share with everyone.

Let's start with this artist: Kevin Garrett

And before I dive into anything about him, listen to this live session:

At this point, if you need more reason to continue listening to his music, I would check his bio on Facebook where he is very honest about his ability to garden: "Kevin currently lives in Brooklyn. He has a fish named LeVar Burton as well as several failed attempts at indoor gardens. One day he'll figure it out." Thanks for being honest, Kevin.

We'll share one more before moving onto the next musician to get excited about. 

Next up on "music that made this week less stressful" is Gregory Alan Isakov. He's had a song called 'Liars' that has only been available in fan-recorded Youtube videos. But this time, its on his upcoming LP and performed with the Colorado Symphony. So, basically, it's beautiful and I geeked out and shed a tear. I'll post the link below. The entire 11-song album is out June 10th.

Listen to the song "Liars" here. I would recommend listening to it at night or during a thunderstorm. Or both. 

And to wrap up this first post (that honestly just feels like my awkward ramblings... its fine), I just want to say how excited we are to be planning shows. This week has been a lot of figuring out dates and sending out invitations to musicians that would be welcome additions to our Tulsa community. We hope to see you at the next show. Our hope is always that these shows would feel like home. That the songs and stories shared would be honest and encouraging. We'll announce the next date soon. See you there. 


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